MONDAY, JULY 22, 2019 7:00 P.M.



1. Call to order Davis City Council and Davis Municipal Authority by Brian Davis. Time: 7:00 p.m.

2. Roll Call. Mayor Brain Davis, here, Vice-Mayor Stan Jones, here, Councilman Josh Oakley, here, Councilman Clint Grinstead, here.

3. Prayer led by Stan Jones.

4. Pledge of allegiance led by Brian Davis.

5. Consideration and possible action to accept resignation of City Treasurer. Grinstead made motion to approve resignation for the 26th of this month. Second by Jones. Vote: Oakley, yes, Grinstead, yes, Jones, yes, Davis, yes. Tom said since she works for the Council, we just need you to accept her resignation in which July 26th will be her last day for the City.

6. Consideration and possible action to approve changing signatures to all City, DMA, and Turner Falls accounts reflecting Brandy Claxton as the City Treasurer. Oakley made motion to approve changing signatures on all accounts effective her last day of July 26th. Second by Jones. Vote: Oakley, yes, Grinstead, yes, Jones, yes, Davis, yes. Tom said this is required and must be in the minutes for the banks to know that Council wants her name removed from signatures on our accounts. We need you to vote it in removing her name as of 26th of this month. State law says you must have a City Treasurer so you will have to elect an interim.

7. Consideration and possible action concerning City Treasurer. Jones made motion to approve Cheryl Dodds as interim City Treasurer/ City Clerk. Second by Grinstead. Vote: Oakley, yes, Grinstead, yes, Jones, yes, Davis, yes. Jones made motion to open advertisement for new City Treasurer with job description in Ordinance and hopefully have those in by end of August for sure by the September Meeting and that he and Brian will do the interviews. Brain aske who they contact and turn their applications in to. Tom said they could send them to City Hall, and he will have Cheryl scan them and send to you all. Second by Oakley. Vote: Oakley, yes, Grinstead, yes, Jones, yes, Davis, yes. Tom said you must have City Treasurer on staff. He is asking you to elect an interim until you can hire a Treasurer, and after talking to individual, he is asking you to elect Cheryl Dodds as interim to go along with her other job but she will have Rheba’s office assisting and they also said they will train new Treasurer. She will need help; she can’t do this by herself. Oakley asked if it needed to include accepting applications as well. Tom said yes, he has given you three applications even though it isn’t publicized yet, only on the City of Davis Facebook page. But for the time being, since we need signatures, I am asking you to appoint Cheryl as Interim Treasurer and to take applications for however long you want. They can get it in Davis News this week and OML. Everything is up to you Councilmen. The first thing Cheryl asked me was were they going to come help with payroll, and the answer is yes, he has already talked to Rheba. Oakley asked about the compensation of doing both jobs and getting paid after the fact instead of giving her a raise, then having to take it away once they hire a Treasurer. Clint asked what all Rheba’s office wouldn’t be assisting in. Tom said payroll and taxes that they will be doing. Clint said if they have Rheba’s office handle payroll, would Cheryl be able to handle everything else. She stated yes, she could. Brian asked regarding the utility billing as well, she said yes, she could. Clint asked what was pay when they had one person as Clerk/Treasurer, Tom said he couldn’t remember, they were compensated for both. You had a City Clerk/Treasurer, but they also had a Deputy Clerk that worked under them to assist with all the work. You are also welcome if you choose and she chooses, to make it that way and hire a Deputy Clerk to assist. Oakley asked if that would mess up our checks and balances. Tom said Rheba would like to talk with you and be on the agenda the next Council Meeting in August, she can explain it better. Brian asked if how they changed the Ordinance last week, would that affect her. No, she does it anyways. She does the adjustments anyways and the refunds, she wrote the checks and Treasurer would sign them. You or Stan will still have to sign the checks with her. You will have to change all the cards at the back for this and when you hire a Treasurer, you will have to resign them then as well. We must take these minutes showing you’re taking her off and putting someone else on. Davis asked about putting time frame on applications, they agreed to the end of August. By September, have interviews and pick someone. Tom reminded them during the interviews, they can only have two Councilmen get together at one time. Clint suggested have Mayor and Vice-Mayor do it. Clint asked about having two years’ experience. Stan said maybe preferred because there may be someone that’s qualified but doesn’t have much experience.

8. Discussion and possible action on update on 3rd Street. No action taken. Citizen, Tracy Dullin had concerns with her yard and how much longer it would be to get their yards back because they can’t even mow their whole front yard on Third Street from construction. She lives on 602 and her mother lives on 600 in which she takes care of both yards. The driveways have a dip to where she can’t mow them, she has talked to CM about the meter covers, when they were put back in place, they are on at an angle, so her mower won’t go over them. Clint asked Bert once all the meters are done, they will go back to being flush. He said they should be. They are also supposed to be replacing her sidewalk that they took up and doing concrete all around and she has stakes in her yard. It’s just difficult trying to take care of things. Brian said Ron with Pavers is here to answer the questions and hopefully have a timeframe. Citizen, Harriet Cottrell, spoke in regard to living on 601 third street for thirty years and for third time they torn down this concrete stuff they put in, they actually tore it out again today and they have concrete with sand and rebar and on her side of street there is a gap between the dirt and form slanting towards her yard so when it rains, it will go the wrong way. The next thing is they also tore up her sidewalk and it has a wire sticking up. The sidewalk to the street, there’s chunks of asphalt, rocks, holes. She would like it fixed. They just keep tearing it up and putting it back. Tom said the forms with rebar is for the handicap ramps that are going to be put in. Her main complaint is that her yard is a mess and if it’s going to be a ramp, why is it going to opposite direction. Bert said he hasn’t seen it due to them just doing it today. Citizen, Kay Bond, said they pretty much covered all of it, the only issue she wants them to cover before they leave is, the channel they made is full of dirt, asphalt, and grass. They said they would come back and fix it., They came back with a sweeper and just packed it all in. It’s filled up to the drainage ditch now. It just gets worse now. Ron from Pavers apologized to the citizens. They have no control over where the handicap ramps are located at. He guesses on the dirt, the did come down and sweep to try to keep it clean and the wind must have been blowing, they will be more careful about that. Anytime you would like to come out and talk to them, you are more than welcomed. On this job, they don’t have an engineer, so they must do what’s on the plans. He is hoping to have completion date in four to five weeks. Oakley said he appreciated them, and he knew they have had a lot of rain and, he wanted to applaud them for opening the road up for the funeral to go down, to help the family. He really appreciated it. Clint said one of the reasons he wanted this on here was because he wasn’t upset with Ron as a contractor, his main concern was with apparently the manholes is what held you up and as a contractor, he knows how frustrating that can be, and he heard we knew about it a month in advance and we finally completely them three to four weeks later, then he heard that wasn’t what was holding you up so just wanted to find out exactly where we was on that. Ron said they was waiting on the surveyor to come out and the concrete guy. Clint said he understood and that it was on us for not having an engineer. He just didn’t want us to hold him up and they were getting conflicting information on it. Brian asked Ron to get estimate down by Byrd Street on filling it in so there wouldn’t be such a bump. He said he could. Tom said they will have to do some concrete work around the drainage by Byrd Street to make it blend in. Bert is asking for them to put in a reflector indicator on it. They are also putting some grates so no one will slide down it and for safety. Clint said for the record, he just wanted to make sure Ron wasn’t held up or anything.

9. Consideration and possible action on update of electronic meters. No action taken. Tom said as of today, they have 1232 active new meters, we have 240 old meters and we billed out for 1472 meters which is those two added together. They installed 1331 and 94 are still not active at this time. This is for people moving out, a lot they put one in that didn’t need one, City buildings. We have 83 coming from HydroPro that we switched out from the smaller ones. So, we only need to buy 16 additional meters. Clint said we only need 112 new meters last meeting and we only need 16 now. Tom said we need 99 meters and are getting 83 so there is a difference of 16 so we can take some new meters out of some of the building that we own and use it or buy more meters. Clint said how is 83 going to cover that 240. Tom said he didn’t know and asked Chelsea, Water Clerk to come up. Chelsea explained that 1331 is active and inactive and the reason they have inactive is because they probably had one last bill but got a new meter. So that’s in the harmony system. Out of the 1331, 1232 is new. So that leaves about 100 inactive. 1331 is what they installed as new. There is 240 old meters without the compound, so total meter, old, new, active is 1571. If you want to take the 240 and make them all new, you can take some out of the 94 because the 94 that we do not bill for is not added in those figures. 94 meters are added into new meters but aren’t billed for but are read. Those are already electronic meters. Compounds are not in there as well. If you want to use some of the 94 that we do not bill for, you could use that to replace others. Clint said so we still need 157 totals. Once we get those installed, we will have 1571 new meters in the ground besides the compound ones and as of right now we have 1331 installed. Tom said our first count was wrong. Brian asked how much they were a piece. Bert said roughly $200. They are giving us a credit on our bill since around 20 of them were installed backwards. He doesn’t really have a final bill on this yet since they are still changing them out. We have not paid a penny for anything yet. We will install all the rest of them ourselves. So, the total price for these should be around $31,400.00. Oakey asked if they needed to make a motion on this and Tom said this is all within his spending limit, but he wanted Council to approve and be ok with him buying that many more and he wanted you to know about it. Brain also stated that in the future, we need to start having an accurate count and numbers. Tom said he didn’t want to take the inaccurate ones out because we monitor them. When we drive by them, we can tell if someone is trying to use it. He doesn’t want to use any of those. He does want Council to know that the original company who started this, HydroPro, will no longer be a distributor for Master Meter in Oklahoma. They will be with us till they are all done. Brian asked Bert how long it took them to read them this time. Bert replied saying it took us one day with two people to read them instead of 5 days. Sometimes when it was raining, we had to slow down for the ones with water in them, we turned around and drove by them slower to get it read.

10. Discussion and possible action on legal requirements for beer concession at Turner Falls Park. Attorney Melton said the City can not anticipate in ownership. Tom said we can get a concession and lease out some property, but we just can’t take a percentage. So, you can take a flat rate on the lease. So, what he is asking, is do you want him to put it out for bids. Second, do you have a minimum you would like to get on the flat rate. Billy, park manager said we showed roughly about forty thousand profit and he thinks that was last year. Brian asked if Tom knew what a concession was bid for. Tom said he thinks the highest was around eight thousand, except for the Zipline, which is twenty-five thousand a year. Brain asked if they wanted to put two concessions, do we charge double the rate. Tom said it was up to them but in his opinion, you need to set a flat rate so they will know where to start from and he also needs you to verify what kind of concession it will be. When we sold beer, it was off-premise, they had to take back to their picnic area or campground. They can get a license where people can sit there and drink on-premise. He personally does not agree with that because then you will sell by the can instead of a larger amount. We don’t allow people to swim with it or have it on the beach, that has been our policy even before we started selling it. He doesn’t think they should have it on site consumption. It should strictly be off-premise, licensed, like we had. Oakley asked his recommendation on location. He thinks personally there should be one on the top and one on the bottom and close to our retail stores. Brain asked what if Jim Noland wanted to do it at his fall’s concession. Tom said since we don’t allow it on the beach or swim area, it wouldn’t be a good idea. If you sell it on the beach, they will drink it on the beach. Jim Noland said he knew the City was having a hard time keeping the Retail store on top open due to not enough employees, would that be something we would be willing to lease out, since it does have a beer cooler in it. Tom said that may be something they could consider in the off season. Jim said that way he wouldn’t have to get another building and have the sewer, and everything hooked up. Oakley asked what was in it right now. Tom said in the cooler, there is drinks, non-alcohol, and the other part is like a store. Tom said right now it’s open on the weekends Friday through Sunday but through the week we have a hard time keeping it open due to not enough employees. Brian asked what he thought the profit on that was to compare it. Billy said he could get the total gross sales on it. Tom said the thing is, you won’t be able to get it this summer. No one will get it in by this summer so you will have plenty of time to do this. Normally around October, we have a Turner Falls Workshop to where we can discuss the plans for the new year out there, maybe that would be a good time to discuss whether you want to do this. Billy said that when he got them figures, they would see that when it is closed all winter and part of the summer, it would be prohibited to someone else. But he will get them some figures. Tom said you needed to also see if you allow them to have a trailer or build something to put in there. Billy said we are losing a lot of sales by not selling it because they come to town and not only buy their beer but other things as well. Tom said they will try to have figures by the August Meeting.

11. Adjourn. Jones made motion to approve. Second by Grinstead. Vote: Oakley, yes, Grinstead, yes, Jones, yes, Davis, yes. Time: 8:25 p.m.


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Cheryl Dodds, City Clerk Brian Davis, Mayor