MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2018 7:00 P.M.

1.    Call to order Davis City Council by Ed Parks.

2.    Roll Call:  Mayor Ed Parks, here, Vice-Mayor Josh Oakley, here, Councilman Stan Jones, here, Councilman Darryl McCurtain, here, Councilman Brain Davis, here.

3.    Prayer led by Stan Jones.

4.    Pledge of Allegiance led by Ed Parks.

5.    Consideration and possible action to approve Consent Agenda including minutes of prior meetings and claims. McCurtain made motion to approve. Second by Oakley. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes.

6.    No items removed from Consent Agenda. 

7.    Consideration and possible action to approve Planning Boards recommendation of request from Debra Hardy to rezone the properties located at 701 and 703 E. Davis Street, Davis, Oklahoma from R-1 to C-1. Davis made motion to accept Planning Boards recommendation to rezone to Commercial. Second by McCurtain. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes. Tom said this was requested for a new medical building to be built there, the Planning Board recommended it. We sent out 22 letters and received 11 back, in which 7 were in favor and 4 were against. Denny Meeks, Dr. Kristy Meeks husband, spoke in regards to building a 1500 foot medical building on the two lots. It will be a metal building with rocks on it. Parking will be on the west and south of it. The front of it will face the west. Stan said so it will be the vacant lot and the house at 703, are you going to tear down? He said they were going to try to put the building in and not tear the house down right away but if needed, they will. Oakley asked if they had anybody there that was against it, in which no one was. Stan asked what the standards/guidelines were. Bert said it would have to sit 25 feet back. They talked in regards to the water and sewer lines on the property. The fire hydrant sits on the southwest corner. There will be plenty of room the building will only be 30 feet east and west and plenty room to move it east, if needed. The measurements are the same as residential. Tom said they are on Main Street right now and the problem is parking. Employee parking will be behind the building. Oakley asked that from now on if we could change the forms to have a signature line to print their names and have a phone number added to it so that they could reach out to the public.      

8.    Consideration and possible action to approve replacing SCBA for Fire Department with estimated cost of $48,000.00 to be paid out of Contingency Fund. Oakley made motion to replacing SCBA for Fire Department with estimated cost of $48,000.00 to be paid out of Contingency Fund. Second by Davis. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes. Tom said the Fire Chief asked to table this because they don’t have all their prices in yet. However, in the budget, we do have it in the budget to spend $48,000.00 to spend for this equipment out of the Contingency Fund. It’s going to have to come back to you unless you want to approve it now since it is outside of his spending limit. They were trying to get bids but don’t have them all in yet. If you did need the correct amount of it, you will need to wait till next month.  

9.    Consideration and possible action to approve bid for 3rd Street Project. Davis made motion to table this till next month. Second by Jones. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes. Tom said you have two bids in your packets and the engineer is here. He will let him explain to what it all entails. Bill Myers, with Myers Engineering, said the contract is set up to where we remove existing asphalt, treat sub grade and replace about 4400 or 4700 feet of existing covered gutter. We are trying to get it to where it will drain to the south by Bird Street. We are not replacing all curb and gutters only the minimum that it would take to get it to drain to the south. So that’s what this bid includes. The basic slope from the north to the south is about .24%, it’s not great but it will drain. This will work; it is a better deal so that water won’t be standing. We set it up so that it will be done by August 1 and will start the end of May. We had two bids one from Pavers in the amount of $764,649.50 and Altus Sand and Gravel in the amount of $700,722.45. Both are capable and have experience in this type of work. So this is where it’s at. Ed asked in regards to asphalt being wrapped. He advised that it would not be wrapped. Tom said if you will look in packet on account balances, the Street Maintenance have $690,745.00 in this. That is not including the $28,000.00 being transferred for this fund into that. That is going to take everything that we have in the Street Maintenance account. We are fine in every other account that we have. This money is just set aside and is funded by $1.00 for every person that goes into Turner Falls year round. We could anticipate $200-300,000 being added back to that account this summer. Oakley asked what we would do with the other streets that need to be fixed until we get the funding back into that account. Tom said it would slow down anything we needed to do until we get funds built back up. We are looking at a grant for future road project funding. This was brought up before and the Council wanted to do it and do it correctly. That required an engineer and required this and it determined that the curves and gutters were almost flat. So to replace that, it made it a little higher than anticipated. Stan said they wanted to fix it right but right where on south end where school is being built at, is that drainage included in this $700,000.00. Bill said they are draining the water to those on 3rd and Bird so they will stay there. They’re not bad. It’s basically on up to the north; we are trying to get the water down there to the south. We stopped at Bird. On past Bird it goes to those little creeks. Stan asked if there was going to be lines crossing 3rd Street to the east and west. Are we going to replace any of that? We are not really cutting a tremendous amount; we are redoing the sub grade. If we down go all the way down to Bird and lower it three feet, then every water line would have to be replaced. So that would be another $150,-200,000.00 to do that. This option here is a good option, it works, it’s not perfect but it will work. We tried to keep it less expensive as possible to where you’re not throwing money away. That’s his main concern. Councilman Davis asked what it anticipated to cost. Tom said $500,000.00 but that was just an estimate from an engineer not a contractor. It was last year before they started the school. We delayed this project until all the heavy trucks got done working at the school so they wouldn’t tear it up immediately. Ed asked if they were doing it a block at a time. Bill said they are trying to reduce the impact on the residents. They might do a block at a time or get it to where they do a block and a half or something, based on the number of houses in that block. That would be something they would get worked out with the contractor. Their plan was if they just did a block at a time, they would bring up the base course and go to next one, then go to the surface in one swoop. Darryl asked if this was only going to Bird Street and not Allen. Tom said Allen Street they already done if you remember back. No, it’s going to Bird. The two blocks they’re not picking up have already been done. We rebuilt the base and repaved it, not like this but took the material out of the road and put it back. Darryl asked if they were going to redo the drop boxes by Bird Street. Bill said no, they are grating to those. He did not put anything in there to reconstruct the drop boxes. That is something we could look at if we find the money. Brian asked how long it would take to build this account back up. Tom said last year we averaged around $328,000.00 so it would take a couple of years. Besides the $690,000.00 that’s in there right now, we are transferring $28,000.00 as soon as you pay the bills in DMA it will be transferred from Turner Falls into this account so you will end up with roughly $718,000.00, could be a little bit more but please be assured this is the road project. This is not the cost of the engineering. The original cost of the engineering was paid out of Contingency Fund. Stan said those box drops are already overwhelmed so that’s not going to change other than the water getting to them faster. Bill said he did look at that. It would have cost somewhere around $950,000.00. So the options were, you reinstruct the minimum amount that you have to do to get the water on down the street, put some sewer in to get it down to creek on South and Bird, start at Bird and grade all the way back up to Main, in which that was over a million dollars and turns into a major street project. Clint ask what if you look into 3nd and 4th street closing streets when running east and west to run the water back to the east to that ditch every so many blocks to relieve all the water going to the end of the road, so the boxes won’t have to carry all that water. Bill said that that could be something they could look at. Clint said with the 0.24 % grade, go with the 4.2 optimal, we want to get optimal if we’re going to do this, instead of leaving old curve and gutters on new streets. Maybe look and see what the savings will be going half way down and maybe put underground storm drain in and maybe put new curve and gutters in that way we won’t have bigger problems down there on the boxes. Brain said a lot of this was to help the drainage wasn’t it? Bill said it will stay in the bird baths, it’s not ideal but it’s what we have. Brian said it’s really expensive street that we’re singling out if it’s not going to help the drainage problem. Tom said we are where we’re at right now because we have done some roads in the past without not engineering them, and we have created more drainage problems. This is the steps of doing it correctly. Brian said he agreed but if we’re not doing something with the drainage then it’s not defeating the purpose. We’re just doing it to make it pretty. Bill said street wise, it will be brand new and majority of the curve and gutters will be replaced. He said all this was doing is getting rid of the problem on the upper end of water standing, getting some new curve & gutters, new surface and new base. Mike Hellack spoke in regards to doing it right this time. We have tried to fix them in the past and look at the roads now. He understands we have a money issue but we need to do them right if not, it’s a waste of money. That’s the problem with our streets, we patch them and they look pretty for a little while but then there they go. If we spend the money and do them right, it’ll be there 35 years or so and we won’t have to worry about it.  Tom said we did have a drainage study done last year. He has it in his office. If we’re going to try to relieve some of the water running down to side streets, that’s not included in this price. You will have to rebid this and there is no guarantee we can get this done before school starts. Brian asks how many days would it have to be in the paper. Tom said twenty-one days. He has it could take up to two months because you will have to get all the engineering done first. Bill said with the school issue, it’s going to be pretty tough. If we go and do something a little more extensive, it might be tough to do it within those 2 ½ months. Brian said if we’re going to do this and does it right, we don’t have to put that time restraint on it. Bill said if we wanted them to go back and take a look at the drainage, they will get right on it and maybe bring to next meeting in May or have to have a Special Meeting. They all agree that it has to be done right. Tom said he knows he may not get an answer right now but can 3rd street get done and then we come in fix the side streets to drain towards the ditch and do this in another project. Bill said it could but he will have to have the data. Tom said that we could go with this bid and bid out for the other or we could wait and rebid the whole thing back out and do it at the same time. He suggests that we do Third Street and get it finished and if there is still a problem with drainage, and then we can do side streets after that. We do have funds in other accounts that we can pull out of. One of them is the Grant Fund. This is money we were reimbursed through FEMA from the flood damage at Turner Falls. All the projects out there have been completed. We were looking at a future project for this $687,000.00, in which we was going to apply about $500,000.00 to the bank note,  but if you want to earmark for the drainage, then we can add it to the Street Maintenance. The money is just sitting there and we haven’t touched it. Brian asked how long he thought it would take to do it completely to the drainage with side streets. Bill said he would have to look into it. He said if we wanted to table it if we needed to, we could. Tom said the contract that Bill is working on right now was suppose to come to an end at the post conference, so anything he does after that, will have to be additional charge. Tom said let’s look at a better plan and see what we need. You can vote to rebid the job based on improvement but still have the right to reject even after they bid on it. If you table this and have Bill do some more research on it, and decided not to do that, you can still go with original bid.                             

10.    Consideration and possible action to approve contract amendment with Myer’s Engineering on 3rd Street Project.   Jones made motion to table till next month. Second by Davis. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes.

11.    Public Safety Report by Danny Cooper. They have a pretty exciting last 3 or 4 days. Most that they had over the weekend had to do with social media. Supposedly two individuals with weapons turned out to be mini blind box by the church and the other one was extremely intoxicated and having to be transported to hospital for alcohol poisoning. We did not have another case of shooting that you may have heard. Other than that they had a really good prom with no incidents there as well as after prom. Clint said he had seen where Lincoln County done it so he went up there since they have about 5 of our cased and we did get all of our property back. The guy was on radar and got caught with a stolen vehicle in Virginia so until we can or if we get him back into Oklahoma, we will have to interview him and see if we can go from there. Right now he is being charged false declaration to a pawn broker in Lincoln County and possession of stolen property. This individual he thinks had help but until we can get him to interview him, we’re not sure if he did it or had someone do it for him.  

12.    No Chamber Report.

13.    MCIA Report. Melissa spoke in regards to having a very productive and positive visitor on Friday. Rickey with Retail Attractions introduced her to personal retail broker who came down for the day. She showed her the whole county for retail possibilities. There are a couple of contacts that Rickey has made to come and visit our cities. We do have a trash problem. She knows the Beautification Committee has done a lot of great things, we have the recycling going and I know the city has had clean up times so that we can start cleaning up all the trash. But it is a very, very bad problem. If you have any ideas on how we can address the problem, we are open to listen. Beautification meets every month. They are also working to secure grants on coming up with a more permanent solution for recycling. It is a long process but they are getting further with it. We really need to work together on this trash issue. The Beautification also has an art contest with various schools in regards to trash and recycling. The Murray County winners will be announced at the rotary shrimp boil on April 27. But it really was a positive tour.    

14.    City Treasurer Report by Brandy Claxton. We are working on budget and will hopefully have workshop next month. 

15.    City Manager Report by Tom Graham. Roads in the expansion area of the cemetery are about finished however we still have some drainage issues we are dealing with. This new section will be known as the Wilson Addition. We are working on budgets for year 2018-2019 so any requests from council needs to be submitted soon. The information from OMAG is being handed out with our results. Appears we scored higher on average for communities under $20,000.00. With new liquor laws going into effect October 1 and all license and permits under ABLE Commission some changes have appeared. Mark is looking at the legal side of it and Rheba is looking at the tax side of it. Mark Melton said he has talked to ABLE Commission multiple times and they are aware that we are working on this and it’s just a question on how we go about doing this. He is trying to talk the ABLE Commission into allowing the Municipal Authority to apply for the license but they want Municipal Authority to set up as Corporation or LLC. So we are having a back and forth on that right now. We are researching the possibility of creating either a corporation or LLC at Turner Falls to continue to sell beer after October 1. We have had a total of $461,319 since we have started in 2012. More information will come later when we know definite what needs to happen.  

16.    Appearances and petitions from the audience. (Limit of three (3) minutes for each.) Mike Hellack spoke in regards to Melissa on the trash problem. He said she sugarcoated a lot on it. We have a trash problem and junk problem everywhere. We are paying a lot of money to fix the streets and bring retail here but we aren’t doing our job to take care of this town. It’s time you all drive/walk around and see what’s happening, because it’s pretty bad. There are ways of doing things and getting things done, if there is any money left to get these Beautification projects. Brian asked if we had an Ordinance on this, yes we do. Our Code Enforcement officer takes care of this. They asked if there were any tickets written this past month; Tom said Chipper wasn’t there so he couldn’t answer that. Mike Hellack said Chipper does a pretty good job here but he has to be backed up on this. It’s just going down all the time. I just ask you all to go drive around and look. It’s sad when we have people coming town and this is what they see.  

17.    No New Business: Discussion and possible action concerning any matter not known which could not have been foreseen prior to the posting of this agenda.  

18.    Adjourn. Jones made motion to adjourn. Second by Oakley. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes.


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Cheryl Merrell, City Clerk                                          Ed Parks, Mayor

MONDAY, APRIL 9, 2018 7:00 P.M.

  1.   Call to order Davis Municipal Authority by Ed Parks.

  2.   Roll Call: Chairman Ed Parks, here, Vice-Chairman Josh Oakley, here, Trustee Stan Jones, here, Trustee Darryl McCurtain, here, Trustee Brian Davis, here.

 3.    Consideration and possible action to approve Consent Agenda including minutes of prior meetings and claims. Jones made motion to approve Consent Agenda including minutes or prior meetings and claims. Second by Davis. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes.

4.    No items removed from Consent Agenda. 

5.    Consideration and possible action to approve request from Keith Garrett concerning Sno Ball stand at Turner Falls Park.   Oakley made motion to approve request from Keith Garrett. Second by Davis. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes. Tom said that the Sno Ball stand was under Liz Tucker and that she has passed away. Her grandson has helped run it for many years and he is asking that the name on the lease be changed to him. This particular concession, we own nothing but the ground. They own the building, fixtures and everything. This is not similar to bidding a new contract or new concession because all we own there is the property. 

6.    Consideration and possible action to amend Water Safety Ordinance (G) from “under the age of twelve (12), to twelve (12) and under.” Jones made motion to approve. Second by Oakley. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes. Tom said they would like to change the age to 12 and under to coincide with the admission fee on adult tickets and children tickets. It will make it easier for the police and everything. 

7.   Consideration and possible action concerning presentation by Justin Ramsey from Cross Bar Ranch. Justin apologizes for being by himself tonight. His partners thought it was tomorrow night so he is a little bit under prepared. He would like to answer any questions they may have and give as much information that they would like and propose next month with a presentation. There are a couple of things that he is finishing up next week that he is excited about and would like to talk about. The race that they had last year with NBC Sports, he meets with their owner next week. Stan asked if there was a speed limit on any of the roads. They are in the process right now. Over the last year he has been developing a formal map by using software that allows him to do a lot of different things. He developed a map that he could send out to an iphone to anyone who comes into the park. Inside that map it will also have the prompt commands. He tried to develop a map that hits the major destinations in the park. He has the map ready and it will be released next week. They are in the process in getting signage going right now. He didn’t want to print something that he wasn’t ready for. Part of the issue is they have fuller size vehicles and the older part of the park with motorcycles. Motorcycles want a one way area and not have to worry about coming around a corner and getting hit. So they started working with TORRO out of Dallas market group. They built a 7 mile loop, one way, and motorcycle only with two cement blocks at the front of the gate fenced off so that only motorcycles can get to. So that’s why we want to get the map right before we send it off. In the map it lists all the main roads, which includes the main road coming into the camps, the main road all the way back to your end of the park, Chuck Coffee’s place. All will have a speed limit of 15 miles per hour. The other areas like main camp, well camp, down by the ranch house, any area where we have a consolidated amount of people coming through there, we want to cut that down to 5 miles per hour. It has taken longer than he wanted. We have been doing a lot of planning. Stan talked about the blind spots going to his property and motorcycles going fast through there. Justin said as soon as he gets the front done and gets the drainage under control, they will be able to keep up with the roads a whole lot easier. He will fix that road, not because it goes to your property, but because it is a safety issue. Stan said he was in the understanding that they could only use that road for emergencies, if they couldn’t make it back to the main trail but you should be driving slowly. Justin said that is us getting signage out there. Every major destination will have a four foot by two foot by two foot cement block. Everyone of those will have a sign that’s 4x32 and in that sign it will have a map that says you are here and it will have the major points are and plus the directions you are going and it will have an intersection sign that will have arrows or street names. The idea is to get every bit of the main traffic, staying on the trails and taking loops and making those for ranch purposes or access back to your property. Is will still get used, we can’t keep them off of it unless we have someone sitting there. But he can take blind spots out, put speed limits signs up, and then we can start enforcing a little bit better. He’s looking to build new trail as well. Last year’s numbers were really good, they were 115% gain. Don’t quote him on this, he will bring to next council but they ran around $225-230,000.00 is what they ran last year. They will be cutting a check Friday which will be the payment for the $25,000.00 plus the additional of 2% on gross sales. We are very excited with the progress they have made so far. They are getting great advertisement out as well.       

8.    Turner Falls Report by Billy Standifer. We had a good month. We have been having a lot of calls on our pavilion. We will have 3 new shelters soon. 
9.    Public Works Director Report by Bert Curtis. The waterline at the school is finished and we will begin spraying for mosquitoes soon. 
10.  No appearances and petitions from the audience. (Limit of three (3) minutes for each.) 
11.  No New Business: Discussion and possible action concerning any matter not known which could not have been foreseen prior to the posting of this agenda. 
12.  Adjourn. Jones made motion to adjourn. Second by McCurtain. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Davis, yes, Oakley, yes, Parks, yes.


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Cheryl Merrell, City Clerk                                              Ed Parks, Chairman