MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2017 7:00 P.M.

1.    Call to order Davis City Council and Davis Municipal Authority by Ed Parks.
2.    Roll Call: Mayor Ed Parks, here, Vice-Mayor Josh Oakley, absent, Councilman Stan Jones, here, Councilman Darryl McCurtain, here, Councilman Brett Knight, absent.

3.    Prayer led by Stan Jones.

4.    Pledge of allegiance led by Ed Parks.

5.    Discussion and possible action to rebid FEMA Project on wall along Honey Creek. Tom stated that they looked at this PW that we had and it had been changed before they left and it was written up with either concrete or rip rap and according to the guy that is looking at it now, this PW is illegal and doesn’t work. They are the ones that wrote it but it is no good now so we have to re-write it but they want to know which way we want to go with it, with the wall or rip rap. The permitting is still going to be required with the wall and they will help with that but they said they couldn’t tell us how long it would take to get it. So, before they start writing a new PW, they have to know which way the Council wants to go. If we go with rip rap, we can go out for the 21 day bid and at the end of that, you can approve a bid and we can get started right away. If we go with the wall, we’re going to go ahead and get the PW done, but it will depend when DEQ and the core will get the permits to do it. FEMA said they would help us try to get the permit but no guarantee on to how long it will take. They did say that since it wasn’t in here before, that with new PW and going with the rip rap, they’re going to let us put the grout up so you won’t have the hose and gap in the rip rap as before. Councilman Jones asked if we have done any of the walls where this is tying in. Tom stated that the wall was suppose to be done in two sections, 550’ section, which was a pre-existing wall that was already there, and is done, the other is a 950’ was going to be what was rip rap on both sides of it, from falls parking lot all the way down to low water crossing, going into the falls area. The wall that is there now, there’s a big portion of it, that is not going to have anything in front of it now because it is bedded up to the creek, you only have about 100’ of the 500’ that need rip rap in it. Darryl stated that the last rip rap we had in there made it through several floods in the past, just not this last big one. He thinks rip rap with the concrete would be the best thing to do instead of the headache of waiting on the permit. Tom stated that originally they bid it with 18 inch; this PW is written two different ways, one with rip rap and the other with the concrete wall. According to the guy that is over seeing this now says you can’t do that, it has to be one or the other. He is saying that this will not be honored. While they redo the PW, we would do the rebidding. Either way, going with concrete wall, it still has to be rebidded. Regardless, George would have to rebid the concrete wall.  Jones asked what kind of price we are talking about. Tom stated that before they had about $358,000 for the wall and about $155,000 for rip rap. George’s last bid was $220,000. Of those prices, FEMA pays 75% of that whichever way you want to go, State Emergency Management pays 12 ½ % and we’re responsible for the remaining 12 ½ %. They are waiting on this because George has done the 550’ and they have only reimbursed us for 25% of that. We have paid George all of that so we have money coming to us but they are holding it until we know something. Stan asked if we will have this done before season. Tom stated that the only thing that we may have to do is have another Special Meeting because if we bid this out tomorrow, it goes for 21 days, that’s 4 day past our next Council Meeting so we would have to wait till March to approve the bid or have Special Meeting to approve. If you approve the bid in February, I’m sure they company could get started right away. The rip rap doesn’t affect the weather, to where you couldn’t do the concrete work. McCurtain made motion to approve proceeding to go out for bids with rip rap with sealer grout/concrete. Jones Second. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Parks, yes.     

6.    Adjourn. McCurtain made motion to adjourn. Second by Parks. Vote: Jones, yes, McCurtain, yes, Parks, yes.